I guess I’m telling you all of this because yoga has definitely changed my entire life. There were moments within the last couple of years where I’ve sensed completely lost. I had been unsure what I needed regarding my life, my direction or my route. I didn’t understand if I’d ever allow it to be. I didn’t know if I’d find a job which i adored or if my passion would ever redeem achievement. As someone with an exceptionally creative mind, sometimes I have high stress, am easily sidetracked, and have a higher drive for success. As the last can look like a great quality to get, it can also be hindering.

It’s hard for me to quiet my mind or to not be worried about the future. I crave security, yet become easily bored when my entire life is too comfortable. WHILE I was really having difficulty concentrating or deeply worried about my weight, profession or the near future, I did yoga exercises. I had taken deep breaths. I appreciated more issues. I lived for the day, not for future years. I became okay.
For some who don’t practice yoga, it’s hard to comprehend how a practice can really change your daily life. But here’s how they have profoundly changed mine:
1) It helped me through grief. My father suddenly passed away when I was 18 yrs . old. It had been two days before I used to be supposed to leave for university and I always felt like I used to be never given the proper place to experience… well, everything I was feeling. I had been angry, unfortunate and heart-broken. Coming to college without the familiar faces to speak to was extremely difficult so I stuffed all of my emotions inside. I fled the truth of losing my father and desperately feared reduction. But after I started practicing yoga exercises, I was able to get a better handle on my feelings; it was as though Yoga experienced this curing power over me and became a fitness of self-compassion. Each course I considered my father or any demanding circumstance and praciticed the artwork of letting it move. Finally I could discover myself at serenity with it.
2) It taught me self-reliance. Granted I’ve always been quite independent, but yoga exercise really trained me how to put myself first. Such as, I would have to be able to accept and love myself before I could give that to other people. I wasn’t afraid to be different from everybody else. I put my body and mind first knowing that it provided me an improved sense of compassion, understanding and acceptance of others.
3) It isn’t only a workout. I used to believe that Yoga was just a workout that made you really versatile. Turns out I had been completely wrong; Yoga isn’t just a good workout but it addittionally explains to work on yourself both inside and out. Who cares if you are not flexible enough to climb right into a certain pose? Yoga is not only about achieving perfection; it’s the proven fact that your trying to accomplish better And become better. Your making yourself better every time you stage on your mat; your practicing awareness of your body, mind and spirit (and others).
So if you’re ever in doubt or experiencing reduction, or even if you are just searching for some sort of answer, head to yoga. It’ll comfort you when you are looking for meaning and guidance.
Question: Would you practice yoga exercises? If so, what do you feel that it’s individually taught you? If not, the trend is to practice yoga exercises?
I hope you guys are adoring Wellness Wednesdays! I’d love to know what topics you’d like to become talked about or if there’s anything particular you’d like to see. xoxo!

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